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$3.50 All-City paint 400ml Cans

A quick history lesson

Since the inception of the LA UNDERGROUND in 1995, we have been recognized as one of the longest tenured Hip-Hop shops in America.  In the beginning, we primarily focused on records for the DJs and CDs from underground artists.  Evolution implored us to transition from tapes to CDs and eventually digital downloads; spray paint is now our primary product.  Though we carry spray paint brands from German Montana to Ironlak, we started our own brand called ALL-CITY PAINT.  Our mission has been, and still is, to offer a quality product at an affordable price with honesty and integrity.

All-City Paint

The concept of All-City Paint came about a decade ago, after many years of supplying our patrons with high quality imported aerosol products.  In 2007, we were ready to launch our own brand, unaware that it would take a little over three years to acquire the formula we had been striving for and a manufacturing plant we felt comfortable with.  In November 2010, our first shipment (consisting of 22 colors, which has since increased) arrived.  The name All-City Paint is our way of paying homage to past and present urban artists and dedicating each color to a city of those artists, such as Brooklyn Black.